Bringing the Smiles of Thailand
to the Shores of Hawaii

Si Nuan Thai Food was established in 2009 with the goal of contributing to the world-wide admiration of Thai food. We aim to provide healthy balanced food infused with exciting and beneficial aromatic herbs and spices.


Private Chef

Full-service on-site private chef experience with custom designed menu and superior service mindset. Includes open kitchen atmosphere so you can talk with Chef, learn about Thai cooking and sense the dishes as they evolve.


Styles vary from high-end table service dinners, to hot buffet lines, to simple foil trays for the beach. Great for Weddings, Receptions, Birthdays, Dinner Parties, Office Social Events, Meetings, Business / Residential Open Houses, Retreats.


We offer unique and delicious Thai dishes, as well as modern interpretations of rustic specialties from the southern region of Nakorn Si Thamarat. We source almost all of our produce and ingredients fresh from local Big Island providers.

We avoid the common route of bringing staple dishes from Thailand and converting or adapting them, sometimes beyond recognition, to generic foods that won’t scare customers. Instead, we have explored Thai food in its natural and fully authentic form for dishes that in their traditional preparation will delight Big Island taste buds. We serve Thai food as it is served in Thailand, because that is how we know and love it.

The southern Thai style of cooking that the chef specializes in, brings a whole extra level of depth to our flavors. This region has historically been widely influenced by its proximity to the prolific ocean trade routes of Asia and the related currents of cultural exchange.

Contact us for a Sample Menu for your next event.

Environmental Responsibility:

We are committed to environmental responsibility in every way possible. This includes sourcing locally, composting, using biodegradable green products when single use utensils and paper/’plastic’ goods are required, using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and sending used cooking-oil to a local biodiesel maker.

1 thought on “About”

  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Everyone look out for Si Nuan, the food is fab! Comes highly recommended by a Thai food critic with super high standards. Thai food stright from Thai hearts of gold 🙂

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